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As these lines are being written we're still in 2011, juggling the latestresults of a particularly successful season. Press releases are pouringin. From New York comes news about the Hollywood bids on theElizabeth Taylor Collection and, from London, news about thephenomenal prices for works by Old Masters such as Brueghel II,Coorte and Velázquez. Meanwhile, the variety of specialities in Parisis growing. Contemporary art shines especially brightly this season,with a world record for Nicolas de Staël, Orientalist paintings - Levy-Dhurmer and Étienne Dinet being the standard-bearers - and Asianart or archaeological items, always highly sought-after, as the VéritéCollection's tremendous success shows. These pages will againdemonstrate that the art market is fit as a fiddle, offering investors arefuge. One example is the brilliant performance of the jewellerycollection, basking in the glow of a glamorous provenance, screenlegend Elizabeth Taylor. The art market, too, can make peopledream…

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