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In these columns, given our own particular bias, we have oftenvaunted the virtues of a sector with high added value. And today wecould yet again sing the praises of the art market, which, by golly, isstill in the very pink of health – as witness the plethora of bids overa million euros! But this month, despite the drama being played outin the polling booths of our beloved Republic (whose results willaffect the market however they turn out), we wanted to give rein toour impulsive temperament, expressing our sheer joy in a certainfield without regard for its mercenary aspect – in short, indulge fora moment in the simple pleasure of art for art's sake. For instance, letus explore the poetic achievements of the young Scottish artistGeorgia Russell; revel in the distinctly virile paintings of the disquie-ting Artemisia Gentileschi in Paris, or the light-filled works of Turnerin London, and admire some of the season's finest pictures, furni-ture and objets d'art – Chinese jades and porcelains, or the jewelsbrought together in Geneva, like the Beau Sancy, which once glitte-red in the crown of Marie de Medici. Let us really enjoy all of theseinspiring works, and above all, forget the five, six, seven or some-times eight figures that often weigh them down.

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May 2012 Edition

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