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It's D-Day minus 59 days, as the columnist on my morning radio programme reminded his listeners this morning, with reference to the start of the coming Olympics in London. A few minutes later, I read in the travel pages of my favourite daily newspaper an article devoted to the hectic goings-on of the British summer, with its joyful festivities around the Queen's Jubilee starting in June. Suddenly a question began to gnaw at me: did we do the right thing in devoting a special issue to London? The idea has visibly appealed to a fair number of others... So I took the time to look at our magazine with an eye that was certainly benevolent, but objective too. And here, with architecture, design, rock, cultural topics, shopping and good places to go, not to mention tales of improbable meetings and much more, I believe we have a splendid portrait of the British city, seen through the prism of art and the art market. So, see what you think!

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June 2012 Edition

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