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This is the story of a young girl who became the queen of New York after marrying the fabulously wealthy millionaire and philanthropist, Vincent Astor. It is the tale of Donald Taffner, a genuine self-made man who made his fortune in television and was a supporter and patron of the Glasgow School of Art. It is also the account of the Giacometti family, of the youngest of that line, Bruno, the heir and guardian of the work of his famous older brothers; and of Lena Nemes, the daughter of the surrealist painter Endre Nemes, a collec- tion of whose work will be sold in Stockholm. Witness the extraordi- nary destinies of these men and women whose lives were so closely bound to art and its market. This autumn you are cordially invited to savour this wonderful bestseller, one to be leafed through without any thought of moderation!

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September 2012 Edition

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