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February is a relatively tough month for an art market currently suffering from a certain nervousness. We have given this issue a resolutely international touch, in view of knocking quite a few preconceived ideas on the head. Take the tenacious image of Jordaens as a painter of bons vivants wafting us to the heart of Flanders and its splendid banquets. Thanks to an exhibition at the Kassel Museum, analysed for us by the specialist Joost Vander Auwera, this is superseded by the image of an erudite artist imbued with Antique cultures. Did you think that Hollywood gave rise to the epic? Two French exhibitions show that all the ingredients for the genre were already present in 19th century theatre and opera... Another received idea concerns contemporary art collections, often judged in the light of their speculative yields. In bringing together works by Pistoletto, Spalletti and Fabro, the Italians Giuliana and Tommaso Setari show that today a collection can be both social and committed… So, here you have 100 pages with a completely new angle on the art scene!

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Was Hollywood the inventor of the epic? Not necessarily! The archaeological museums of Lyon-Fourvière and Saint-Romain-en-Gal in France invite us to explore behind the scenes of the genre.


Art Market Magazine

Are you interested in fashion, photographs, designer furniture or collectors' cars? The Paris market is offering a wide range of specialities this month. In Brussels, the focus is mainly on photographs and design; in London, on Impressionist and Modern pa



Nineteenth century furniture and Impressionist paintings provided the highlights of the last auction in Paris, together with Asian art.



Giuliana and Tommaso Setari are figures very much involved in contemporary art, even if, in their eyes, the only real players are the artists.



The exhibition "Jordaens and the Antique" in Kassel presents an original portrait of the Antwerp artist Jordaens.



A breath of the dolce vita wafts over Paris, delightfully reminiscent of the post-World War II economic boom (known in French as the "Trente Glorieuses"), thanks to Molteni & C's production of furniture by Gio Ponti - accompanied by a small exhibition



In its issue no. 16 of December 2012, the anthropology and art history review Gradhiva published a study of the museum and heritage policies in the People's Republic of China. An occasion to get a picture of China's development in terms of heritage.



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