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Paris in the springtime… the best season to pay a visit to the City ofLight. First, because the French capital never looks as beautiful as itdoes in the June sunlight. You let yourself go, strolling, sipping coffeein the gardens of the Palais-Royal and wandering about. A stone'sthrow away, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs features the most beautiful cars from Ralph Lauren’s collection, four-wheeled master-pieces from another era: the age of elegance. Further on, after theTuileries and its basins, stands the early 20th-century Grand Palais andits glass architecture. It is well known that past and present flirt witheach other in Paris. This is the fourth consecutive year that Monu-menta has hosted an unprecedented sculpture that a contemporaryartist specially designed for the glass nave. This year, Anish Kapoorimmerses visitors in the bowels of Leviathan, an authentic journey tothe heart of the self, a sensorial work of art. And then there is every-thing all the other galleries and auction houses have to offer, for Juneis the highlight of the auction season. Some of the art world's mostbeautiful pieces are available this year, including Manzoni's Achrome,a Monet landscape and a marble by Rodin. Because Paris will alwaysbe Paris!

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