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Paris: or rather, the Art Rush! The capital hasn't seen such seething excitement for aeons. The crisis, the vagaries of the stock market, the spectre of a new wealth tax base, the prevailing gloom, France's downheartedness – all was forgotten during the FIAC, when the city of light recovered all the brilliance of its heyday in the face of its historic rivals, New York and London. For what other capital could vaunt such extraordinary vitality? In October alone, Paris became a giant art fair and inaugurated two new major museums, no less – the Louis Vuitton Foundation and the Hôtel Salé dedicated to Picasso's work – not to mention a wealth of major exhibitions and a string of auctions staged to stunning effect during the FIAC.
So let's briefly indulge in a spot of chauvinistic pride: it may not have oil or two-figure growth, but by golly, France has a gold mine in art!

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Fondation Louis Vuitton.
This is a foundation that inspires superlatives. A star architect (Frank Gehry) who has designed an extraordinary building, a collection revealed to the public gaze (but only partially), and a carefully devised cultural programme, all overseen by the LVMH group, the world number one in luxury, and its figurehead CEO, Bernard Arnault.
In principle, it is also a project in harmony with the actions carried out by the group with its 60 prestigious brands.


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Photography is making an appearance at Drouot during Paris Photo, the international fair at the Grand Palais which will be attracting crowds of photography lovers and collectors from all over the world. Several sales will be highlighting the speciality, including a preview on 6 November, with some sixty NASA pictures celebrating nearly a decade of space conquest between. At this sale, staged by the Yann Le Mouel auction house, it will also be possible to land this print by Pieter Hugo



In the collection of a major collector dispersed on 22 October at Drouot (Thierry de Maigret auction house), enamels from Canton and Beijing made up the lion's share of the pieces sold. The collection made a total of €556,977 in 105 lots. The most sought-after item fetched €43,820, quadrupling its estimate: the lidded bowl with gilt bronze mountings shown in the photo. Meanwhile its counterpart, unadorned by any Western additions, made €33,804…



Hokusai on the crest of a wave. While the Grand Palais highlights the Japanese master's works six years after the Musée Guimet, these works are becoming increasingly rare in the market."As dawn was breaking, we saw Japan. Just at the appointed hour, it appeared, still distant, at a precise point in the sea that had been an empty expanse for so many days"... "Madame Chrysanthème", an account of Pierre Loti's journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, was published in Paris in 1887…



The 18th century, birth of design…The aim of this ambitious show at the Château de Versailles is to display masterpieces and works that are well-known but have never been on show, and to reveal their diversity of forms and materials: in short, to demonstrate their wealth of invention. The ebony cabinets are examples of the very earliest cabinetmaking (the technique of veneered furniture) in Paris. In the early 17th century, the Guild of Parisian master joiners…



On the evening of Sunday 26 October, the doors of the Grand Palais finally closed on the 41st edition of the FIAC. This year's fair finished on an optimistic note: for most of the 191 galleries taking part, the sales barometer seemed set fair. The VIP preview set the tone, with the great collector François Pinault alone making around 40 purchases, according to "Le Quotidien de l'Art". Impeccable timing: this weekend, Bernard Arnault, Pinault's rival as much in business as in culture…



Paris Tableau exhibitors seek several laudable goals: promoting the dealer's profession, bringing original pieces to light, and sniffing out landmark works, sometimes after lengthy research. There will be 24 of them this year (11 French and 13 international galleries) and two framers, presenting over 500 works estimated at between €10,000 and €4 million in an area of 1,500 m². New gallery owners – Thomas Agnews & Sons (London), Matteo Grassi (Grassi Studio, New York), Maurizio Nobile



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