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We all know the vagaries of the weather… But only where the sky isconcerned, because a shower of records has rained down on thecapital, with a positive patter of bids over a million Euros. The sun hasthus been shining on the art market, lighting up every speciality fromthe primitive arts to military decorations, not to mention painting.This reigned supreme in the spring, with stars including Jacquet,Feininger, Majorelle, Edy Le Grand and Poliakoff. French records, European records and world records abounded. The crisis wasvirtually forgotten. Art once again remained faithful to its reputation:costly, but highly coveted – and truly indispensable for some. In short, results for the first half of the year have been excellent. So, to cast off during the summer break, we have compiled a long-haul issue, with a stroll on board legendary liners, oceanicmemories and an encounter with the Dogons, the people of the Bandiagara cliffs. Now boarding!

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July / August 2011 Edition

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