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Some see it as a malediction, others as an act of treachery. A number of great French families have sold their collections not in France but abroad, like Prince and Princess Henry De La Tour d'Auvergne in London in May 2012, and more recently the late Comte de Paris, whose paintings, furniture and mementos were certainly sold in Paris, but by a British auction house… "Exile and betrayal" could well have been the title of a vitriolic article! But let's not be harsh, and dwell rather on the francophile decision of Christopher Forbes. Though this name belongs not to the French royal family but to one of America's largest fortunes, it still represents a deep attachment to our beautiful country. This philanthropist and avid collector, who owns the listed Château de Balleroy, has decided to entrust the sale of his collection dedicated to Napoleon IIIthe largest in private hands – to an auction house in Fontainebleau. When America turns to France!

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For those of us in France, the art market does not always provide much reason to boast, torn as we are between New York, London and their outsize, quality-stamped fairs. But there is one event that our neighbours envy us in Europe and even far beyond: the one dedicated each year to drawing (formerly the special preserve of the British), which in 25 editions has become the top meeting point for specialists. This little Paris fair, which was started up in 1995 by nine bold dealers (after an initial sortie led by Patrick Perrin in 1991) has now established itself as the ultimate ritual gathering for collectors and curators. "From a risky venture, the fair has become an institution – and a major one at that. On 1 January, museum curators the world over enter its opening and closing dates firmly in their diaries," says Pierre Rosenberg."Over the years, it has become international and is now global. What impresses me," adds the former director of the Musée du Louvre…


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While Paris becomes the capital of drawing for a week thanks to the Salon du Dessin (celebrating its 25th anniversary this year), Drouot is staging several sales of Old Master and modern drawings by artists including Léonor Mérimée, Maurice Quentin de La Tour, Tiepolo, Girodet-Trioson, Auguste Rodin and Odilon Redon. The collective exhibition "Le dessin dans tous ses états" will feature some choice pieces: a portrait in pastels by Maurice Quentin de la Tour...



A total including buyer's premiums of €3,354,120 and, as hoped, of the five works by Auguste Rodin from the Jean de Ruaz collection (which had remained in his family).
Le Baiser” was the one garnering the highest bid. The iconic sculpture obtained a world record for a posthumous casting of the work in this size: an important factor, because this is the size closest to that of the original model, intended to feature in Rodin's Porte de l’Enfer…



At nearly 30 summers, the world's largest fair is making its American dream come true by taking on two new dates in an art market calendar already full to bursting. But the TEFAF can afford to; after all, it has established itself in 29 editions as "the date". This extremely European fair, with a reputation built on excellence, is trying its luck across the Atlantic after an abortive sortie in China.However, the economic situation of the world's second largest power



A brief word for those who have joined the story halfway through, and don't know the history of the Pavillon des Arts et du Design… Created on the initiative of a small group of Paris dealers, who make up its selection committee (the Perrin brothers, Patrick and Philippe, Alain de Montbrison, Marc Perpitch, Louis Lefebvre, Michel Turisk and Stéphane Custot, the PAD took off in 1997. As the "Salon des Beaux-arts de Paris", it replaced the Salon de Mars



The Fondation Custodia is a Dutch art foundation. It was set up in Paris in 1947 by Frits Lugt to house his collection of paintings, drawings and prints. Today, the foundation has more than 80,000 works and its operation is on a par with that of large museums. Art Media Agency went to meet its director Ger Luijten to find out more.Before talking about the institution, can you tell us a bit more about your background…



The first major exhibition devoted to contemporary Chinese art held in France since “Alors la Chine?” at the Centre Pompidou (2003), “Bentu” is the result of a collaboration between two institutions: the Ullens Center in Beijing and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris. No fewer than four co-curators have provided their expertise: Suzanne Pagé, Laurence Bossé, Claire Staebler and Philip Tinari. Over more than ten years, China’s artistic landscape…



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