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At the start of this new autumn season, let's forget about theeconomic crisis, the ups and downs of the stock market and politicalupheavals! It is true, of course, that the art market always reflectswhat is going on in the world, and these summer sales show thatbuyers have been selective, focusing their choices on safe invest-ments like diamonds and big names. Does an overcautiouscollector forecast a hard winter? Let's stay optimistic though, espe-cially since the autumn is looking distinctly rosy with sales of theFabius Brothers collection, the Fould-Springer collection fromRoyaumont Abbey and the enchanting museum of fairground artassembled by Fabienne and François Marchal – not to mention theVieira Da Silvas in the Jorge de Brito collection, and headline pieceslike a rare painting by Lucas Cranach, estimated at €3/4M. Theprofessionals will be offering choice merchandise to a demandingclientele; the connoisseurs won’t be able to knock it. And to thoseincorrigible pessimists, we would just say that "By time and toil wesever what strength and rage could never"!

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September 2011 Edition

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