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For five years, La Gazette Drouot has spoken fluent Mandarin, travelling over 10,000 km every month to take news of the French market to our friends in the Middle Kingdom. April sounds the bell of this exciting artistic and linguistic venture, with a final issue containing the best of the latest news, results and events in Paris, as usual. By way of farewell, we can only say a heartfelt thank you to all our readers, loyal despite the distance – not forgetting our translators and partners, some of whom will continue to work alongside us in the future. But our link with China is not broken. Published solely in English, with a boosted magazine section, the Gazette International will now be embracing the whole of Asia. To accompany us in this new phase, who better than Auguste Rodin, certainly one of the most popular French artists in China?  This spring, an anniversary exhibition is being devoted to him at the Grand Palais in Paris (see p. 72), as well as a biopic, in which his character is played by Vincent Lindon, one of the most popular actors in France – but probably the name means nothing to you! Rest assured, we'll provide a report in a next issue. There is a Chinese expression, 后会有期, which means simultaneously "goodbye" and "see you soon". And that puts it as well as anything.

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TEFAF, held in Maastricht from 10 to 19 March, has now been running for thirty years and has every intention of remaining the number one art and antiques fair. In a rapidly changing world, it is evolving with care. The section dedicated to works on paper, more visible this year, hosted an exhibition of pieces from the Borghese Gallery (Rome), in order to attract buyers. It is hard as yet to assess the impact of recent initiatives designed to re-energise an event that tends to tick along – at least where certain stands are concerned. Participants used to be able just to pay for entry rights to have a secure spot once and for all, bar any misbehaviour. Participants used to be able just to pay for entry rights to have a secure spot once and for all, bar any misbehaviour. The new rules mean that they are supposed to regularly reapply to TEFAF, implying extra effort. While the global trend is to put the spotlight on contemporary art, the Maastricht fair is aware that its main assets are still its eclectic spirit and the vast choice provided by nearly 270 dealers.


Art Market Magazine

Two large collections will be on the bill this spring at Drouot: the Oceanian art objects of Rainer Werner Bock, offering a journey through Hawaii into the 19th century (Aguttes), and the library of Jean Bonna, where we find nuggets of French literature under the hammer of Pierre Bergé & Associés. An opportunity for amateurs to grab a bargain.



Sweet success for Renoir (with a rich-textured nude) and Rodin (whose "Eternal Spring" fetched €1.9 M!), who attest to the good health of the market for sculptures and paintings from the very end of the 19th century. Forever dearly cherished by painting collectors, Claude-Joseph Vernet came back with a sunny inlet which sold for more than €500 000…



In 1917, by now famous all over the world, Auguste Rodin died of a pulmonary edema in Meudon, the little town in the Paris region where he had lived since 1893 in his studio-house. A hundred years on, he is being celebrated throughout France with a series of exhibitions. Is Rodin as modern as ever? Three current events provide evidence…



He is the only collector in the world to own a Vermeer. Thomas Kaplan, a 54-year-old New York millionaire, made his fortune in raw materials and precious metals. He is currently exhibiting the Dutch paintings he has assembled over thirteen years at the Musée du Louvre, as the Leiden Collection. He shares his views on the art market with the Gazette Drouot.



"Follower of Caravaggio” is too reductive a description of Valentin de Boulogne, to whom the Louvre is dedicating an exhibition. With pensive gaze, his “David” stares at us at the entrance, greeting visitors with what seems like a warning: if you are looking for milder expressions of passion, move on and see “Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting” next door instead!



Can you exist in the luxury trunk market alongside Vuitton and Hermès? This young French brand named Ephtée shows that it can indeed be done, with only creativity, high standards and the tailor-made as credos. Its director, Franck Tressens, feels it is important to preserve a sensitive relationship with material…



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