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While financial markets are freezing up and property is unsettled,prospects seem to opening up for investors… in works of art.Reminding that this market remains buoyant in times of economiccrisis may rather seem overselling in our columns. No one deniesthat, but recent history has shown that art remains a safe-haveninvestment or just appreciated for what it is. There'll be a furtherdemonstration this autumn – the forecasts are rosy. It's as thoughcollectors have passed the word around, or perhaps it's an effect ofthe crisis, for the diary is full: dispersions of the Galerie Fabius Frèrescollections, abstract paintings by Jean Pollak, the remarkable groupof Vieira da Silva paintings from the Portuguese collection of Jorgede Brito, not forgetting a nomadic structure by Jean Prouvé. Let usnot forget to strip cartoons, which are particularly in the spotlightthis month, with the Jacques Martin sale in Brussels, and a collectionof thirty-three original plates by Peyo in Paris. Then, of course, thecapital is hosting the Fiac, now a major must-see get-together forcontemporary art lovers, followed by the first "Salon Paris Tableau"exhibition dedicated to Old Masters. So we strongly recommendcoming to Paris… or better still, leafing through this magazine!

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October 2011 Edition

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