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Paris or Hong Kong? Why, both, my good sir! While the City of Light is preparing, in a tense environment, to host the new offshoot of the Biennale des Antiquaires, rechristened ‘Biennale Paris’ for the occasion, the former British colony is awaiting collectors of art and antiques for the 12th edition of Fine Art Asia. According to a joint report by Artnet and the China Association of Auctioneers (CAA), Asia, particularly Hong Kong, is gaining the upper hand in the Chinese art and antiques market to the detriment of less demanding Westerners. In this category, “the share of value sold in Asia (excluding mainland China) increased from 66% in 2011 to 78% in 2016,” to quote the report. A tendency favourable to the fair founded by Andy Hei, where turnover depends largely on Chinese antiques and a local clientele. In contrast, the new Biennale Paris is seeking a more international audience, and aiming to finally steal the limelight from its competitors, TEFAF (Maastricht/New York) and Masterpiece (London). Will collectors turn up in the hoped-for numbers? An unknown factor that should not affect the visitorship of the unobtrusive Parcours des Mondes: the tribal art fair staged the same week as the Biennale, which in only a few years has become a gold mine those who love the genre. Why not give it a go!

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Paris has its golden triangle of tribal art. A few streets in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with vibrantly historical names like Mazarine and Visconti, form a constellation keenly observed by collectors the world over. Since 2001, during the Parcours des Mondes fair at the start of the autumn season, the permanent galleries there have been presenting a selection of their finest pieces, and hosting their colleagues from abroad for the occasion. From 12 to 17 September, 66 exhibitors (mostly French, Belgian and American) are revealing their treasures: “Items of unrivalled quality” thanks to “increasingly drastic vetting”, to quote its general director Pierre Moos. “Five years ago, you could eliminate eighty pieces from the final selection, compared with only six today; proof that dealers themselves are becoming ever-more demanding.” The Paris fair is making the most of its 16th edition to explore new horizons, journeying from Polynesia to the far reaches of contemporary art…


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Autumn looks set to be an auspicious season in France with the dispersion of some famous collections, including those of Gérald Berjonneau, who owns the only private collection of pre-Columbian art in France, Jean Lafont, Chris Levett and Achille Fontaine. A rich programme to discover in our pages.



The French market is in rosy health, and Drouot certainly proves it. The latter has unveiled its estimated figures for the first half of 2017, showing excellent results across the board. With a total of €202.7 M,
it posted a rise of 5.3%. The highest bid went to the first bronze state of August Rodin's “Eternal Spring”, knocked down for €1,962,300 on 22 March by the Fraysse & Associés auction house.



Exit the Biennale des Antiquaires; enter the Biennale Paris! Now an annual affair, the Biennale is continuing its transformation and introducing ever-more reforms and initiatives in a highly competitive environment. The aim is to align it with TEFAF in Maastricht and New York, and BRAFA in Brussels. The 2017 edition, now shorter, is seen as a turning point. Will it live up to expectations?



This young 26-year-old woman has a master’s degree in Law, and is about to complete a second in Property Law. Diane Barbier-Mueller already works in the family-run property management company Pilet & Renaud. Like all the members of this large family, Diane lacks neither passion nor ideas to carry on the collection of the museum created in 1977 by her late grandfather, Jean Paul Barbier-Mueller.



Longevity, constancy and eclecticism are the ingredients for Fine Art Asia’s success;
It benefits from “ideal timing” because it coincides with Sotheby’s big sales. A reassuring fair - a volume of transactions totalling HK$525 million (US$67 million) was recorded at the previous edition -, Fine Art Asia provides relative financial security for its exhibitors.



This is the quintessential watch for initiates. Faultless. Number one in the male wardrobe, the Patek Philippe Calatrava cruises through time with that quiet certainty that ensures its undeniable status as a timepiece legend. The top scorer at auctions, this ultra-classic safe bet has largely contributed to the brand’s name…



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