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As we know, the French are somewhat chauvinistic. But a faultconfessed is half redressed. We can boldly say that we were the bestin trying circumstances! During the final of the Rugby World Cup,the French team displayed a valiant burst of energy. All the same,we didn't hold out much for David's chances against Goliath. Butwhy, you may ask, is there an introduction like this in a magazinethat deals with art and its subtleties, not the clash of the Titans?Because any similarity between people or situations, past or present,is fortuitous… The French art market has polished up its image inthe face of the competition, with autumn sales showing a diversityand quality appreciated by the finest connoisseurs: a painting byCranach, Chinese monochromes, furniture stamped by top cabinet-makers Cressent, Montigny and Crieard… All that's for the nearfuture. The season itself has already started off with several worldrecords, notably for Vieira da Silva. “Esprit de corps” is not necessarilya terrible fault!

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November 2011 Edition

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