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Scarcely have the Biennale Paris dealers emptied their stands (in a relatively festive atmosphere, despite concerns about the fair's commercial results: see p. 16 ) than the Grand Palais is already making ready to receive the 195 exhibitors of the FIAC. A 45th edition that is up front about its ambitions: its director Jennifer Flay opened her press conference last July with an allusion to France's victory in the Football World Cup, evoking the spirit of competition… Now taking up even more space in the capital, the FIAC is as impressive in terms of size as its two rivals: Frieze (taking place a few days earlier in London) and Art Basel. In 2016, it turned Avenue Winston Churchill (separating the Petit and Grand Palais) into a pedestrian zone. The operation is being repeated in 2018 (the two monuments will be connected through a street painting by Lang & Baumann), but has to end in 2020, when the fair leaves its prestigious setting for a temporary structure on the Champs-de-Mars for the entire time it takes to renovate the Grand Palais. (The cost of this work, recently bumped up by €75,000 M according to the Canard Enchaîné, has met with strong criticism.) While awaiting this expatriation, the fair is making the most of its reputation, shored up this year by a more substantial contingent of fringe fairs. So it will be no surprise to find contemporary art in the salerooms. But there will also be exquisite 18th century taste with the Malatier collection, and a fine group of Netsukes.

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The Kugel brothers have accustomed us to spectacular exhibitions, which sometimes involve leading museums like the New York Frick Collection or the St Petersburg Hermitage. After the silver-gilt work of Strasbourg and the automata clocks of the Renaissance, star billing now goes to objects in tortoiseshell inlaid with gold and mother-of-pearl. Few and far between on the market (apart from the major Qizilbash collection, which went to auction in Paris in 2016), the objects brought together here provide a unique opportunity to discover an art as little-known as it is appealing.


Art Market Magazine

Jacques Malatier put his talent and money into building up a top-level collection with treasures of exquisite French taste, dominated by the 18th century.



A rundown of last month's results, from jewellery from the Tairona culture to a café interior by Jacques Truphémus: a new record for the Lyon artist.



As the FIAC, with its 195 exhibitors, spreads its tentacles a little further over the city, the fringe contingent gets an influx of new blood.



The Egyptian artist Ghada Amer talks to us as the CCCOD devotes an exhibition to her in Tours, nearly 20 years after her first appearance at the art centre.



As the dateline for Brexit approaches, and a possible agreement between the UK and Brussels on a brokered exit remains uncertain, how will this affect the little world of art?



On the occasion of the 33rd São Paulo Biennial, its general commissioner, Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, gives us a run-down of art and its dissemination in Brazil and the continent.



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