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Not a day, not a week goes by without some new world record or theannouncement of some explosive sale concerning a work of art! Withthe paintings of American artist Clyfford Still in New York, Chineseporcelains in London, masterworks in painting and furniture by thetop cabinetmakers in Paris, prices are flying high in all the strong marketplaces. In this period of crisis, art more than ever remains a safeinvestment, undergoing a dramatic rise in inverse proportion to falling stocks on the Dow Jones and the CAC 40. Paris in particular isplaying a fine game, with a number of key specialties: a bureau stam-ped by Montigny topping the million mark and a Virgin and Childfrom the former Marquet de Vasselot collection going for six millionodd, not forgetting the new records set for photography andClassical sculpture. The snowball effect means that soaring prices –for high quality pieces – encourage the appearance of new disper-sions. The 2011 season is thus ending on a high note, with excellentresults already achieved and the promise of future success. The magnificent nude by Nicolas de Staël should warm the cockles ofquite a few enthusiasts, like the jewellery of Elizabeth Taylor and theold weapons from the Karsten Klingbeil collection. The season isn'tover yet: and profits look set to rise further still.

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December 2011 Edition

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