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It’s a habit now. In November, photography shines forth in the capital from the Grand Palais, which hosts the unmissable Paris Photo (we wish it as much success as the 45th FIAC, which preceded it in the same place, p. 104). The fair focuses on contemporary works, but old and vintage photographs are on view for those who know where to find them (p. 100). And museums, too, will emphasise the 19th century, with the graphic arts cabinet of the Château de Chantilly exhibiting the duc d'Aumale’s outstanding photography collection and the BNF devoting an ambitious show to the Nadar dynasty, whose genealogy the Gazette traces here (p. 112). Auction houses will not be outdone, with Drouot offering a previously unseen group of Gustave Le Gray’s Egyptian pictures under the sly eye of Edward Steichen, captured by his colleague Otto Wegener with the delicate art of gum bichromate printing (p. 28). But other media are also in the spotlight. Sculpture is the guest of honour of the second Fine Arts Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre; the AKAA fair, also just few years old, showcases the diversity of African contemporary art; and Drouot is getting ready to turn over a new leaf: the third session of the Aristophil company auction features books and manuscripts, all washed down with a famous musician’s fine wines.

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In the Nadar family, there was the father, actually called Félix Tournachon, who was born in 1820, nearly twenty years before the birth of photography proclaimed, and died in 1910, when it was already launched on its inexorable popularisation. Familiar to everyone for his portraits of Balzac, Baudelaire and Sarah Bernhardt, Nadar was the most famous photographer of the 19th century, together with Eugène Atget. Félix Tournachon adopted the patronym in around 1840, when he was working in satirical newspapers…


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The third auction of the collections of the defunct company Aristophil resumes in mid-November with 770 lots. Primitive arts, Old Masters and fine furniture will complete the programme.



The well-deserved collection success of the Malatier brought a wave of records and preemptions in its wake, energising the market as winter arrives.



Paris Photo, the world’s leading photography show, never rests on its laurels. With the creation of "Curiosa" and 196 exhibitors including 44 new participants, the event has many surprises in store this year.



The AKAA is a genuine ecosystem of Africa-based creation. Its founder, Victoria Mann, talks about it with a freshness that does much for the contemporary art scene.



Pia Hofmann Piard, CEO of the famous company founded in 1690, invites us to Odiot's table, which gives a modern slant to a certain lifestyle.



Mucha will be occupying the Musée du Luxembourg over the winter. Meanwhile, auctions have been featuring his iconic works all year round: proof of his enduring success.



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